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Older Beginners

Music Lessons For Older Beginners 
 We  Teach Guitar Bass, Drums and Ukulele

For older beginner students we use a comfortable no pressure  approach.
We also stress to learn and play songs first, and learn  theory later approach." 
The same approach that is used when learning your first language,

you learn to speak first, then after you have a basic command of the language ,

you learn the rules (theory) and how to 
read and write with it.

All of our students get to choose songs that interest them

and also give input as to the direction and content of the lessons.

Start with a free month of lessons. No obligation to register! 
Meet the teacher first, ask questions, and set goals.

We also offer free instrument rentals during your first three months of guitar classes.


Switch Instruments, or try multiple instruments.

Not quite sure if you want to play guitar or piano or drums?
Try one, two, or even three instruments during your lessons.
Many of our students learn multiple instruments and 
have a better musical experience because of it!

We have highly qualified  teachers , based on the highest possible standards in education and experience. Our musicteachers will help you learn to play, read,compose music and improve technique, and develop an in-depth understanding of what it means to be a musician in any musical genre you desire.

Lessons culminate in our spring showcase, where students can show off on a live stage.

However participatiion is NOT mandatory!!


Private music lessons for all ages, styles, and abilities.